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    Services for staff

    Evolutions, changes and developments: paths that require a guide

  • In 2000 the SSF (Servizio Selezione e Formazione – Selection and Training Service) was created, an organisation that specializes in guidance and training to the world of co-operation:
    for individuals, helping to clarify and deepen their motivations, mentoring to help learn of and assess the many opportunities, advice on identifying a suitable path;
    for institutions, help in defining the figure sought and advice on finding the suitable person.

  • 113 interviews carried out in 2020

    335 CVs assessed in 2020

    3 webinars on co-operation realized in 2020 

Services have been managed by the Head of Human Resources in CELIM since 1994, who is a certified trainer and counsellor.


For: students and professionals wishing to enter the world of co-operation, in Italy or abroad, or who feel the need to be guided and supported at a time of personal change.
Objectives: information on the various opportunities available in Italy or abroad in the world of international co-operation and education to globality, orientation for those in search of a professional position in this field, assistance to those wishing to challenge themselves by discovering the world of NGOs for the first time.
Methodology: motivational and guidance courses at CELIM’s headquarters or at the premises of the institution requesting them; individual meetings via chat and on-site.
The objectives and strategies of group coaching are agreed with the institutions requesting them and may involve experiences abroad.


For: non-profit organizations
Objectives: assistance in recruitment of staff
Methodology: external consultancy, to assist with in-house recruitment, or full search and selection of staff (from the call to the list of three candidates), following introductory and feasibility meetings with the institution

  • Head of services
    Paolo Romagnoli
    [email protected]

    Economic contribution in support of CELIM activities to be agreed