Giulia and Saverio with a group of beneficiaries in Western Province in Zambia


When you fill in your tax return, you can donate 5 per thousand of income tax to non-profit organizations just like CELIM.
Donating 5×1000 is a gesture of solidarity and a real help that costs nothing: it is neither a tax nor does it replace the more usual 8×1000.

Choose CELIM’s tax code: 80202830156
Communicate your good cause at no cost!

Your 5x1000 allows us to carry on working alongside thousands of women, men and children.

  • 80202830156

    CELIM’s tax code to write in your tax return.

  • July 7

    the deadline for submitting the 730 form, 24th July for the 730 prefilled or 2nd October for Modello Redditi.

  • 0€

    it costs you only a signature, but to many your gesture will be of incalculable value.

  • 18,231.64€

    collected in 2014 (last received) to support international cooperation activities.

How much is your 5X1000 worth?

Aid that leads to changes, real changes

*Example diagram based on taxpayer’s tax, gross of any deductions, allowances, withholdings or tax credits.
If you want to know more, please read the FAQ / 5×1000 >


Your gesture has already improved the lives of many people. Don't you believe it?

The activities and projects developed by CELIM are the result of collective support. What you see as a small sum is actually an important contribution that, added to many other small sums, becomes a real treasure for the communities we work with, which we try to use at best every day.

In 2014 we collected EUR 18,231.64 thanks to the generosity of 305 taxpayers. With those collected in 2013 we supported the activities of schools in Zambia.

  • 1 nursery built for the community of SpringValley, Zambia, in 2013

  • 1 tractor purchased for agricultural activities in Mongu, Zambia, in 2012

  • awareness and training courses held in Zambia to reduce the indiscriminate felling of trees in Mongu, in 2011

  • 1 health centre supported in Homoine, Mozambique, in 2010