Sabrina and Marina at the Mtendere Mission Hospital in Zambia

When changing the world is the goal of many, people work with the aim of developing activities, expanding the organizational network and optimising the work of all those involved.
Over the years CELIM has managed to forge co-operation of different types through collaborations, partnerships and affiliations with public and private organizations.
Since 1954, each day the importance of our projects is shared by more and more people.

  • focsiv

    Federation of Christian Organizations for International Volunteer Service
    Today it comprises 73 Organizations operating in over 80 countries worldwide.
  • colomba

    COoperazione LOMBArdia
    The main Italian regional aggregation comprises approximately 90 associations that, from the Lombardy Region, bring Italy's solidarity to the World.
  • GONG

    Co-ordination of Italian NGOs in Mozambique.
  • INGO Forum

    Informal group of international NGOs operating in Zambia to exchange and share experiences.
  • MilanoSiFaStoria

    multi-year project for the revival of culture and historical and interdisciplinary training in the Milan area.
  • ONG2.0

    Changing the world with the web
    Community and online training centre for the advanced use of the web and ICT in international cooperation

    For the Rights of Children and Adolescents
    Inter-association group bringing together at national and regional level the main Third Sector associations operating in different ways to promote and protect the rights of children and adolescents both in Italy and in the world
  • Portare il Mondo a Scuola

    Aggregation of NGOs and Associations of Lombardy that have been co-operating since 1993 to reform the school system and raise citizenship awareness
  • Volunteers for a day

    Platform designed to promote volunteering created and co-ordinated by KPMG and promoted by Ciessevi, Fondazione Sodalitas, Un-Guru and with the collaboration of the Municipality of Milan.
  • VpS

    Volunteers for Development
    Multimedia website and development centre for innovative projects supporting the diffusion to the general public of information on countries of the Southern Hemisphere, volunteering and international cooperation.