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and other types of donations

PayPal is a secure, easy and fast online payment system.

  • Safe: your credit card or bank data are held only by Paypal. So once you create an account you do not need to re-enter them every time you buy/donate online;
  • it is a faster system than sending checks or money orders;
  • maximum confidentiality of personal and financial information;
  • the advanced anti-fraud system offers high safety standards.
  • Easy: you can buy/donate with two simple clicks. Donate now!

Yes, whether a one-off donation or a regular donation by direct debit (see below), all you need to do is specify it as the reason of payment. Only if you choose to make a regular donation via Paypal are you not able to choose a specific support. If you do not specify a project, any donations collected will be distributed among all ongoing projects according to the needs of each.

Of course, CELIM operates with full transparency and our budget is public and can be downloaded at the page Who we are.

Of course, you can do a one-off donation. You can also support us with a regular donation (see next FAQ), which is the only type of support that enables us to plan our activities effectively.

Planning a continuous automatic donation, however small, does not cost you anything and enables us to better plan the activities you choose to support, both in Italy and abroad.

Making a donation by direct debit is:

  • advantageous: you save money because you do not pay any bank fees* and, at the same time, you have the opportunity to pay the donation “in instalments” – for example on a monthly basis -, which enables you to manage your available funds;
  • shows solidarity: you ensure regular support to CELIM’s activities or to a specific project you particularly care about. In this way, you allow us to plan aid at best and to further reduce management expenses;
  • convenient: you save time by giving your support from home, without having to queue at the bank or the post office. Your contribution will be automatically paid by the bank into CELIM’s account: you decide the amount and the frequency;
  • simple: just one gesture; fill in the form to activate this form of support.

You can also support our activities through:

For a wedding, birthday, christening or any special occasion or day, you can choose to turn your gift into something that is a gift for the rest of the world too. CELIM will send the intended recipient of the gift a “good deed certificate” to inform them of your gesture.
Remember to specify as a reason for your donation “on the occasion of” and to write to info@celim.it to request the certificate specifying the contact to whom it must be sent.
This type of donation is also tax deductible.

Of course. You can decide to do a “wedding gift list” in favour of a project that is particularly dear to you; you can choose to reduce your budget for the wedding favours and use what you save to support a project and inform your guests of your decision through one of our parchments; you can choose our fair trade favours. For further information, see also the Favours section of the FAQs.
Please note that we only ship to Italy, if you’re interested in our bonbonnières please write us.

Yes, to celebrate a wedding, christening, first communion or any other event, you can choose one of our solidarity favours to which you can add a parchment explaining your gesture, you can turn your entire budget for wedding favours into a donation, you can choose our greeting cards. Visit our shop (but remember: we only ship to Italy, if you’re interested in our artisanal proposals please write us) and see the Favours section of the FAQs.


Both natural persons and companies can enjoy tax benefits for donations made in favour of CELIM. Find out more at the page Tax benefits.

Deductible expenses can be deducted from income before calculating payable taxes, tax-deductible expenses can be deducted directly from payable tax, thus decreasing the amount payable to the tax authorities. Find out more at the page Tax benefits.
Companies can deduct donations from their income. Click here for further information.

No, only donations paid through a bank or the post office or through “traceable” payment methods are recognized. Find out more at the page Tax benefits.

Out of every euro we collect we use 88% for institutional activities (projects of international cooperation and of intercultural education in Italy and the services we offer) and 12% to cover overhead costs. CELIM operates with full transparency, our budget is public and can be downloaded. For further details please visit the page We introduce ourselves.


Payments and forwarding

You can do it in total safety directly through the site, using your credit card: CELIM relies on PayPal (see FAQ_online donations), a secure, easy and fast online payment system.
If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please write to info@celim.it: we will process your request as soon as we receive a copy of the bank transfer.
Payment on delivery is not possible. Please remember that we can only accept shipments within Italy.

We can ship with a courier (ours is DHL, if you have a Customer Code with this or another courier, please let us know) or Paccocelere 1: in these cases, please write to info@celim.it.
Please remember that we can only accept shipments within Italy.

We will process your order as soon as we receive your payment; the shipment will then be made with the Italian Post Service with delivery within 4 working days. We can only accept shipments within Italy: for deliveries outside Italy, express deliveries or with courier other than the Italian Post Service, please write to info@celim.it.

For wedding favours:
The parchments will be printed within 7 days from the approval of the draft.
The time required for packaging favours depends on the quantities required. Please note that the fair trade favours are not in stock, but they are sent to us in 1 working week.
Once the product is packaged it will be shipped using the Italian Postal Service, with delivery within 4 working days.

Yes, but you will not be able to complete your purchase online: you will need to write to info@celim.it and make an appointment for the collection.
Our headquarters are located in the centre of Milan, where traffic is restricted: because of our office’s opening hours (generally Mon to Fri, 9/18), you will need to purchase an ecopass. For further information please visit the website of The municipality of Milan.
Please also note that we do not accept debit or credit cards.

No, once your cart is full, you can pay online only through Paypal (Why? See question 1). If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please write to info@celim.it.

Yes, but once you choose the gift and pay you need to write to info@celim.it to inform us of this choice and to tell us the recipient’s address. Please remember that we can only accept shipments within Italy.

This is not necessary: ​​once completed your purchase, please write to info@celim.it to tell us what should be sent to whom.

The most common reasons are:

  • Your mailbox is full;
  • An anti-spam software has blocked our message; please check your spam folder;
  • You have entered a wrong email address in the payment form.

It may be that the options to accept cookies on your browser are turned off, in which case you are not able to add any products to your shopping cart.
The purpose of cookies is in fact to keep track of the products you add to your shopping cart during the shopping session: to enable them go to Internet Options> Privacy and select the level of consent.

Some objects are closely connected to a project or to a particular activity, as specified in the Product Card. Where not otherwise specified, your contribution will go to the most needy project.

Yes, in our Shop page we propose fair trade gifts: by choosing them, net of costs, you will give financial support to our activities in Italy and abroad. We will then send you a donation declaration, which can be used to obtain the tax benefits provided for by the law when you compile your tax return.


No, you can order as many favours as you want: the cost specified on the Shop page refers to orders of up to 50 pieces, for larger orders a progressive discount will be applied. So if you wish to order at least 51 pieces, please contact us at bomboniere@celim.it.
Please remember that we can only accept shipments within Italy.

Parchments can all be customised: date, event location, name of the person and a sentence. Wedding favours all include a little card bearing date and name/names: any other customisations must be requested. Please remember that we can only accept shipments within Italy.

Yes, after you send your order and we receive your payment, you will receive a test print; we will wait for your positive response before proceeding with the actual printing and delivery. Please remember that we can only accept shipments within Italy.

They are fair trade sugared almonds from the Chico Mendes Cooperative.


Of course. To take advantage of tax benefits, donations must be made using traceable payment methods (bank transfer, also online, cheque, payment slip). As well as the summary of donations made during the year issued by CELIM, the following should be kept: the bank or postal payment receipt, your credit card or current account statement (in case of SSD CORE debit). For cash donations no benefits apply. For donations in tangible goods the payment receipt declaration confirming the amount donated by the company will be sufficient proof.

Yes, by all means: some companies have donated equipment, other ones objects or shopping vouchers that have been used for fund-raising purposes. Together with these goods we need to receive a document certifying their market value: CELIM will then send a receipt confirming that the goods corresponding to the declared value have been received, which can be used to obtain the tax benefits provided for by the law. For further details, please visit the page on tax benefits for companies and ask your accountant.

Companies can help CELIM’s work in several ways: from a simple donation to help with activity planning, from involving staff in the sponsoring events and campaigns, to corporate gifts and cause-related marketing. Find out more in the section Companies.

The law provides for the following:

  1. Deduction from income of any cash payment of up to € 30,000.00 Euros (up to 2,065.83 Euros for donations made before 31/12/14) or 2% of income;
  2. Deduction from income of donations in cash or in kind of up to 10% of the declared income and up to a maximum of 70,000.00 Euros;
  3. Deduction of personnel costs for free services of up to 5 per thousand of the total cost.

The following are not relevant to income:

  • the donation of food stuffs and pharmaceutical products;
  • the free supply of goods with a specific cost not exceeding € 1,032.91, (contributing to the threshold referred to at point 1).

Please remember to keep the summary of donations issued by CELIM and the account statement or the donation receipt. Cash donations are not tax-deductible, even if a receipt is issued.
For further details please consult your trusted accountant.

Any expenses relative to the use of permanently employed employees for services offered to an NGO such as CELIM are tax-deductible from income (article 13 D.L. 460/97), within the limit of 5 per thousand of the total amount of expenses for employee work services, as shown in the tax return.

Yes, but remember that the free supply of goods other than food and pharmaceutical products is not relevant for income purposes if the total amount does not exceed € 1,032.91, as such free supply contributes to the achievement of the 2% deduction threshold of company income, and in any case up to 30,000.00 Euros, even though this sum is greater than the above-mentioned 2% threshold.


Of course. If you want to associate the memory of a loved one to support for a project or to CELIM’s activities in general, we can send a letter to the deceased person’s family to inform them of your gesture.
Remember to specify “in memory of” as a reason for your donation and to write to info@celim.it to request the letter specifying the contact to whom it should be sent.

Memorial donations of modest value do not require formal deeds nor a notary and, similarly to other donations, are tax-deductible.

For a wedding, birthday, christening or any special occasion or day, you can choose to turn your gift into something that will be a gift for the rest of the world. The intended recipient of the gift will receive a “good deed certificate” from CELIM to inform them of your gesture.
Remember to specify as a reason for you donation “on the occasion of” and to write to info@celim.it to request the certificate specifying the contact whose address it should be sent to. Give a donation as a gift now!

This type of donation is also tax-deductible.

Yes, always with the exception of cash donations. To take advantage of tax benefits, donations must be made using traceable payment instruments (bank transfer, payment slip, cheque, credit card). At the end of the year, CELIM will send you a summary of your donations.

For further details click here.


Yes. While respecting the legitimate shares of heirs provided for by the law (see below, FAQ n5), corporations such as no-profit and public utility organisations, etc. can also be beneficiaries of a will. For the testamentary disposition to be valid, the beneficiary must in any case be exactly specified and identifiable.

According to the Italian law part of the assets (legitimate share) must be guaranteed for heirs, that is spouse, children, siblings or parents (in the absence of children). The person making the will can freely decide about the remaining part of assets (available share).

Movable assets (works of art, jewellery, furniture), real estate properties (apartments, land, buildings), life policies, a part of or all the available assets (cash, bonds, shares, postal warrants, investment funds or one’s severance indemnity) can be allocated.

According to the Italian law wills must be in writing. There are three types of wills and you can decide to switch from one form to another at any time:

  • The holographic will is a hand-written document that must be dated (day, month, year), signed with full name (first and surname) and must include clear dispositions, with no ambiguous interpretations. The holographic will must be kept in a safe place: it is advisable to draw up two original copies and file one with a notary. If destroyed or damaged, the holographic will be void;
  • the mystic will is a hand-written or typed document, placed in a sealed envelope and handed over, before two witnesses, to a notary who draws up a record of deposit and keeps it until its opening;
  • the notarial will is drawn up and kept directly by the notary, who guarantees its formal correctness and ascertains that the testator is in full possession of his faculties. The notary will read it out before two witnesses and will make them sign.

Yes, you can change or revoke your dispositions at any time.

They are the family members who inherit by law, i.e.: spouse, children, siblings (if there are no children), parents (if there are no children) or other relatives up to the 6th degree (only if they are the only heirs).

If a person leaves, the inheritance goes to:

    ½ to the spouse (legitimate)
    ½ available share
    1/3 to the spouse (legitimate)
    1/3 to the child (legitimate)
    1/3 available share
    1/4 to the spouse (legitimate)
    2/4 to the children (legitimate)
    1/4 available share
    ½ to the child (legitimate)
    ½ available share
    2/3 to the child (legitimate)
    1/3 available share
    1/3 to the ascendants (legitimate)
    2/3 available share
    ½ to the spouse (legitimate)
    ¼ to the ascendants (legitimate)
    ¼ available share

In the absence of a will, the assets will be divided among the heirs (see previous FAQ) in accordance with the shares set out by the Civil Code. In the absence of relatives up to the 6th degree, the entire estate will go to the State, which becomes legal heir without the need for acceptance and is not liable for the debts under the succession other than the inheritance value.

Of course, it is not the amount that matters, but the spirit with which a bequest is made. Even a small donation makes a difference.

Bequests will be used to support our humanitarian projects in the countries in which we operate and according to the needs of beneficiaries identified from time to time.
If you want your bequest to be linked to a particular type or area of ​​intervention, we would advise that you arrange it with us beforehand.

No, an inheritance in favour of a non-profit organization, such as CELIM, is not subject to any kind of taxation.


Yes. The life insurance premium is not part of the estate and may also be assigned to a non-profit organisation such as CELIM. CELIM can be identified as beneficiary, either sole or one of many, and such decision can be changed at any time.


No, the 5×1000 is not mandatory, unlike the 8×1000 assigned to the State or to Religious faiths, nor does it replace the 2×1000 in favour of Parties and Cultural associations, which is also not mandatory. It is up to taxpayers to decide to allocate the 5×1000 of the taxes they have to pay the state to, among other categories, non-profit organization such as CELIM.
For more detailed information, please visit the site 5-per-mille.it

Forms CUD, or 730 or UNICO have an enclosure related to the 5×1000: you just need to affix your signature and specify in the relevant box the tax code of CELIM Milano: 80202830156.

If you forget to enter CELIM’s tax code your 5×1000, along with that of others who have not specified the code of a specific institution, will be shared proportionally based on the number of preferences received by other organizations belonging to the same category, in our case NGOs.

No. For the 8×1000, which is mandatory, the choice is between the State or Religious faiths. The 5×1000 is not mandatory and you can choose between NGOs, social co-operatives and associations of social promotion, scientific and academic research institutions, health research institutions.

You can submit your declaration to the Inland Revenue from 1st May until the specified deadlines, which vary depending on the form: 7th July for Form 730, for employees; 30th June in paper and 30th September in electronic format for the Modello Unico, for workers with separate income taxation who have no employer and are not recipients of pension; 1st August for Form 770. All tax deadlines can be extended, so ask the Inland Revenue about any further deadlines for filing or amending the tax return.

Unfortunately not, two years will pass from when you file your tax return to when we receive your 5×1000. Nevertheless, your contribution will still be invaluable to thousands of women, men and children with whom we work.

Yes, you can: even those who must not file a tax return can, without charge, exercise the 5×1000 option: just hand the card supplied by INPS together with the Certificazione Unica in a sealed envelope to any post office, bank counter or any intermediary authorized for electronic transmission (CAF or accountant). On the envelope you should write “choice for the allocation of the 5 per thousand of IRPEF” and specify your details (name, surname and tax code).