Boys and girls giving their time and energy to our information and fund-raising campaigns

Do you have time and enthusiasm to offer? Take part in CELIM’s activities in Italy!
We have volunteers helping daily in our office, enabling us to carry on working as efficiently as possible; other volunteers regularly help our educators who operate in schools and in meeting centres; still others give us a hand now and again to organise stalls and information and fund-raising activities. And there are volunteers who, with their spirit of initiative, decide to organise awareness- and fund-raising events on their own territory, involving their network of acquaintances.

Pledge yourself to promote integration between different cultures and to help implement our projects in the world. Join us!

Authorisation to personal data handling, Art.23 Decree Law 196/2003*
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National civil service

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

The young people doing their civil service with CELIM in 2015/2016

How many things you learn on site, while you discover the sense of things, the real one!

The Voluntary National Civil Service was created to promote among young Italian citizens the implementation of the constitutional principles of social solidarity, to actively help safeguarding and protecting our Country’s heritage and to contribute to civic, social, cultural and professional training.

FOCSIV and its Members offer young people aged between 18 and 29 the chance to live for 12 months a unique experience of growth and personal and professional enrichment, through which they can contribute, both nationally and internationally, to social cohesion and civil commitment processes.

Volunteers taking part in projects abroad work as ‘White helmets’ in areas of social conflict with the crucial task of preventing situations of human, cultural and economic distress. How? Through development-fostering activities aimed at creating peace, protecting human rights and overcoming the conditions of social injustice in many different project sectors, from the economic and managerial one to the socio-educational and the rural and environmental one.

For many years FOCSIV has been the main entity sending volunteers abroad.

155 young people have done their civil service with CELIM since 2003

By taking part in the implementation of projects in Italy, young people have the chance to learn about the problems of the territory, carry out awareness-raising activities and live experiences of civil value sharing.

To apply for the National Civil Service you have to wait for the opening of the call by the National Office for Civil Service.
Last call closed on September 2018.

European voluntary service

An experience of limitless growth

Duda from Brazil with Viola, Matthew and Eros at the completion of mural painting activities in Milan

Feel like a citizen of the world. Isn’t this your secret dream?

The European Voluntary Service is an international volunteering experience funded by the European Commission aimed at all young people aged between 17 and 30 legally residing in Europe. The programme allows them to work as volunteers for an organisation or public entity in Europe and in the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean and Caucasian area for a minimum period of 2 weeks to 12 months.

CELIM is only a host organisation: to spend your EVS period at our premises in Milan you need to refer to the association Joint by writing to