Mural painted in Via dei Narcisi, Milan, by students who took part in the project Consiglio dei Ragazzi

A structured organization creates the right conditions to achieve the planned objectives; within such organisation, it is people who make the difference. When the destinies of many populations of the world are at stake, donations from supporters and the strength of volunteers, as well as an in-house structure enabling an authoritative, orderly and precise allocation of tasks and responsibilities, are of crucial importance.


The Board of Directors consists of 7 members, including its Chairman, 6 elected by the Shareholders’ meeting and 1 appointed by the Archbishop of Milan as his representative.  The members of the Board of Directors are all volunteers and their term of office is three years, although they can be re-elected (art. 8 Articles of Association).

  • Andrea Campoleoni

    Chairman (Legal Representative)
    A biologist, he spent two years in a rural development project in Zambia, is the co-director of the Cooperative Di Mano in Mano, and has been our Chairman since 2015 (and a member of the Board since 1998).
  • Daniele Conti

    Director of Fondazione Ambrosiana Cultura Educazione Cattolica (Ambrosian Foundation for Culture and Catholic Education), he spent two years in a rural development project in Zambia, and has been on our Board of Directors since 2006.
  • Paolo Chiaramonti

    Management consultant, treasurer of Associazione InCerchio. He has been on our Board since 2015
  • Mario Prennushi

    A company manager, entrepreneur and industry advisor, he has been an active volunteer in projects in the Balkans, and has been on our Board of Directors since 2010.
  • Davide Boniardi

    Area manager at Caritas Ambrosiana, he joined our Board in 2015.
  • Umberto Castagna

    A social worker, he spent two years in a rural development project in the Ivory Coast, and has been on our Board of Directors since 1999.
  • Giancarlo Abate Daga

    Company manager, consultant in the organisation sector, formerly voluntary collaborator with CELIM in a training project for future entrepreneurs.
  • Lidia Diappi

    Architect, professor of urban planning, she worked in Zambia and Kenya as project coordinator and consultant for building sector.
  • Antonio Antidormi

    Archbishop's delegate
    The representative of the Ufficio Diocesano di Pastorale Missionaria of the Archdiocese of Milan, he has been an externally-appointed Director since 2013.
  • Davide Raffa

    Director and head of projects area
  • Alessandro Salimei

    Programme Coordinator for Balkans and Middle East
  • Lara Viganò

    Programme Coordinator for Africa
  • Luisa Ranzani

    Head of administration
  • Francesca Neri

    Communication and fundraising manager
  • Bujar Teliti

    Events and company relations
  • Silvia Jelmini

    Head of educational area
  • Sara Donzelli

    Educational area collaborator
  • Paolo Romagnoli

    Head of selection and training
  • Paolo Bergamini, Paolo Chiantore, Maria Paola Costa

    Administration Volunteers
  • Mariangela Querin

    Educational and Volunteers
  • Tiziana Bertolotti

    Human resources area volunteers
  • Bujar Teliti

    Albania, Country Representative
  • Arsa Kacurri

  • Luciano Bocci

  • Gerta Mehemeti

  • Giulia Giavazzi

  • Valon Mejzini

    Kosovo, Country Representative
  • Alice Contini

    Lebanon, Country Representative
  • Vanessa el Khoury-Mikael

  • Marco Andreoni

    Mozambique, Country Representative
  • Chiara Bevilacqua

  • Gianclaudio Bizzotto

    Zambia, Country Representative
  • Federico Gazzoli

  • Tommaso Sartori


Amici CELIM association
Lombardy – Milan
Chairman: Carlo Calvi Parisetti

Sirevit Italia srl
Since 2013 this independent body has been verifying the accuracy of our financial statements and our interim and final accounts.

Throughout the years CELIM has been winning the approval and the support of a large community, listed in the Document of Guarantor Signatories. Acting in their capacity as guarantors, in accordance with the Christian values that inspire us, we mention among others His Eminence Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini and the Rector Emeritus of State University in Milan Paolo Mantegazza, who shared and supported our activities, together with:

  • Laura Balbo

    Sociologist and politician, former Member of Parliament, former Minister For Equal Opportunities, university professor, chairperson of the International Association for the Study of Racism and of the Associazione Italia-Razzismo.
  • Giulio Boati

    Entrepreneur. Director of Fondazione Ambrosiana per la Vita, CELIM director and a Member of the Council of Milan for many years.
  • Francesco Cesarini

    University professor. A banker and an economist, he taught at Università degli Studi di Modena and Università Cattolica di Milano, where he is Emeritus Professor.
  • Mario Crovetto

    Company manager. A former CFO of Eurand and Recordati, he works as a financial advisor, always for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Michele Garufi

    Entrepreneur. Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO of the pharmaceutical company Nicox.
  • Giovanni Giudici

    Bishop Emeritus of Pavia. He was Episcopal vicar of Varese, General Vicar of the Archdiocese of Milan and Bishop of Pavia.
  • Andrea Granelli

    Entrepreneur. Founder and chairman of the consulting firm Kanso, chairman of the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti.
  • Peter Heilbron

    Entrepreneur. Former CEO of Martini & Rossi and Heineken Italia, founder and patron of the Bellafonte estate.
  • Peppino Maffi

    Former rector of the diocesan Seminary of Milan. After spending eight years as Rector Major of the Seminary, since 2016 he has been guiding the presbyteria of the second five-year period of ISMI.
  • Aurelio Mottola

    Professor. Director of the publishing house Vita e Pensiero of Università Cattolica di Milano.
  • Guido Peregalli

    Notary. Former Attorney and Judge, he is a member of the Management Committee of Associazione Sindacale dei Notai della Lombardia (Union Association of Notaries of Lombardy).
  • Luigi Testore

    Monsignor. Advisor within the Fondazione Carlo Maria Martini, former Secretary of the Cardinal, Parish priest of St. Mark.

Volunteers are our greatest resource: these committed people put their time and expertise at the service of our activities and projects and the relative management and implementation, at both national and global level.


  • 122

    volunteers working alongside our staff in 2016

  • 5.552

    volunteer hours donated to CELIM in 2016

  • 122.700 €

    economic value of volunteer hours in 2016

  • 48%

    volunteers under 30 years of age in 2016