Felicity and her daughter Gift in the village of Lusitu, Zambia ©Paolo Tarantini

There is something extraordinary in the continuity of projects that can survive, breathe and develop over the years, thanks to the gesture of those who, like us and with us, are able to look to the future.
Opportunities to help are often within the reach of everyone: you just have to be aware of them to be able to make us of them.


Always present, in people's memory and in practical actions

Graziella's Garden at Olga's - the Italian Corner in Livingstone, Zambia - two donations for a business that keeps growing.

How much you leave to CELIM is not important, it is the spirit in which you do it that matters.

Link the memory of a loved one to a project that continues to give life.

When we lose someone, we might feel the need to interpret their last wish in the noblest way, without wasting it. A donation in their name will enable you to remember them through a tangible mark that will live on forever through your support.

As occurs with other donations, memorial donations too are tax-deductible.

If you wish to support a project through a donation by associating the memory of a loved one to it, CELIM can send a letter to his or her family to inform them of your gesture. Here is the information you need.

Aid in the name of someone you love, preserves his or her memory and reflects your wish.

  • The Wegner-Diappi family with CELIM, in memory of grandmother Olga
  • What in 2008 was an overgrown yard and a ruined house has become a restaurant, where some of the students work, and a showroom where handicraft products made by the school are sold. It’s good to see that our help has become something tangible, that grandmother's dream has turned into bricks and smiles. Read more
  • Tiziana Bertolotti with CELIM, in memory of her sister Graziella
  • My sister Graziella did not have time to see the Africa that I described to her every time I came back to Italy. We had planned to spend two weeks together in Africa, when terminal illness put an end to our dream. Her last wish was that I should return to Africa. I took her with me, in my heart, to Zambia and I thought I would dedicate a garden to her memory: all those who knew her remember her with gloves and shears busy among her roses and geraniums. Read more


Your desire to be part of the change will live forever

Speranza (Hope), for those who could be your children or grandchildren

A bequest to CELIM has an extraordinary ethical and moral value.

Through a will we decide how to dispose of our assets when we will no longer be here: it is a highly personal act that can be changed over time.
While respecting the legitimate shares of heirs provided for by the law, you can transform your inheritance into practical help in favour of the children, women and men who benefit from our interventions.
It’s a declaration of intent: wishing for a better world for future generations.

Think about it today, for tomorrow!

Our campaign BUONE AZIONI CHE LASCIANO IL SEGNO (GOOD DEEDS THAT LEAVE THEIR MARK) received the support and co-operation of the National Council of Notaries.


Another way you can support change

If you decide to take out life insurance, you must appoint at least one beneficiary and you can identify CELIM as said beneficiary, either totally or in part.
This choice is not binding: you can change your mind and specify different beneficiaries or you can decide to discontinue the policy and recover any money invested.
For this reason, you can appoint a non-profit entity even if you have an existing policy.
This particular “support formula” for our activities is specifically regulated by the Civil Code: it is an individual rather than hereditary right. For this reason, the policyholder has no obligations towards the legal heirs.
Any life insurance policy, even those with modest premiums, can be transformed into practical help for thousands of children, women and men who benefit from our activities.

CELIM Milano is an NGO, so any legacy or life insurance policy in its favour is not subject to inheritance tax (Decree Law 346/1990).