Nahla, from her house in Aleppo to the Beirut refugee camp ©Caritas Lebanon

There are many ways you can help make a change and be an important part of it. Choose how you prefer to do it!

All the ways you can donate

Different payment methods for the same cause

Using your PayPal account you can donate the amount of your choice by credit card easily and safely, by taking advantage of the tax allowances/deductions provided for.

  • Current account 1080678 in the name of CELIM Onlus
    Banca Popolare Etica, Branch of Milan
    IBAN: IT38A0501801600000011080678
  • Current account 18081 in the name of CELIM Onlus
    Credito Valtellinese, Branch 1 of Milan
    IBAN: IT02G0623001634000015144959

Current account 000052380201 in the name of CELIM Onlus.

If you have a WeCoin account, each donation to CELIM allows you to increase your virtual currency allowance (a proportional equivalent value is recognised) you can spend with other users or businesses subscribing to the circuit

Tax Benefits

Donating is an acknowledged act

Generosity pays back!
CELIM is a Non-Governmental Organisation recognised pursuant to law 49/87 and registered to the ONLUS – Organizzazioni Non Lucrativa di Utilità Sociale – (Social Utility Non-profit Organisations) register, pursuant to law 125/2014.
All donations in favour of CELIM are tax deductible in accordance with the limitations specified by the law.

  • Maximum deduction from declared income,
    art. 83 c.2 D.Lgs.117/2017

  • the excess amount can be deducted up to 4 years later,
    art. 83 c.2 D.Lgs. 117/2017

  • maximum deduction from declared income of up to 30,000 Euros, 
    art. 83 c.1 D.Lgs. 117/2017

  • Keep the summary of donations issued by CELIM, the payment receipt or the statement of account.

Being able to choose between income deduction and tax detraction, you can opt for the most convenient tax regime. Tax benefits are not cumulabili tra di loro.
To take advantage of these benefits, donations must be made using traceable payment methods: cash donations cannot be deducted or detracted.