In 2009 Tiziana Bertolotti decided to commemorate the memory of his beloved sister through her humanitarian work.

My sister Graziella did not have time to see the Africa that I described to her every time I came back to Italy. My enthusiastic words and photographs of those extraordinary places had made her overcome the fear of venturing to a world that was so different from hers; we had planned to spend two weeks together in Africa when a terminal illness put an end to our dream. I stayed with her until the end, and her last wish was that I should return to Africa. I took her with me, in my heart, to Zambia and I thought I would dedicate a garden to her memory: all those who knew her remember her with gloves and shears busy among her roses and geraniums. CELIM, an organisation I had known for quite some time, supported my initiative allowing me to create Graziella’s garden, a green recreational space at Olga’s – The Italian Corner. I like to think that after so much suffering, Graziella is able to find a peaceful spot where she can sit and, through my heart, look at that Africa she was never able to visit“.

Tiziana has now decided to devote herself full time to this project; she moved to Livingstone so she could continue to give practical help to Giuseppe, who runs the restaurant.