To Franca Cattorini, Little Apostle of Charity, I owe the insight: in an email from Juba, back in 2009, she suggested that I try to channel my youthful energies into a civil service experience abroad. To Celim I owe the rest. Having initially applied for a project in Zambia (foreshadowing?) I would be reprofiled on a project in Mozambique, in Quelimane. Eleven very intense months, under the expert guidance of Marco Andreoni, supporting local cooperatives of rice and honey producers. I discovered Africa, and it stayed with me. A few years later I would start again with Celim, this time as manager of a small project in Western Province, Zambia. In the 20 months among the Lozi farmers I got to know that land in depth and perhaps myself as well. Then the administrative experience, first in Lusaka and then in Milan. In the meantime, I married Nyambe: our two babies have the same lively and cunning look as the brats who on the sandy streets of Mongu used to chase me, squealing playfully, “Mucua auariù?” Thank you for everything Celim.

Federico Gazzoli
Mozambique and Zambia

Pictured: Federico at the end of a training with farmers from15 Nanjucha, Nalolo District, Western Province, Zambia