Searching for a photo to send took a plunge into the me I loved most. When I returned, I remember the difficulty of understanding the admiration of others-I had taken more from Barotseland than I had given. Life and work were the same thing, because I really did what I loved and received so much joy that fatigue was hardly felt!

The Lozi, a unique people in whom dignity and respect chase each other in the dance of mutual support. Despite the distance from the capital, I never felt alone, never felt in danger, always supported at every step. CeLIM gave me confidence and a dream fulfilled-what more could I want? THANK YOU!!! And I will never stop thanking all fellow life cooperators, with whom I shared even small moments of that wonderful time. Above all, I thank Africa, Zambia and in particular Barotseland and all the people of this magical land, to whom I wish from the bottom of my heart that “development” be replaced by Cooperation, “doing together” rediscovering and fortifying the values that make each people unique, in a worldview without judgments, barriers and borders. Nitumezi Haulu.

Francesca Gambone