It is almost 5 years that we have started working together, and till now, Celim has proven to be the best ever partner and family all through the Dot-Olive project and all of the activities done.

Celim was and will always be, as we aim for the future , the best partner in handling the logistical as well as the humanitarian part of any work that they do.

We have worked with many local and international NGO’s during my 6 years of work with The El Khalil Foundation, and we have never felt as one family except with Celim, due to their professionalism and passion when they do their work. We have shared our joys, sorrows and lives with every single member of Celim and we are looking forward for a lifetime partnership with Celim.

I just wanted to thank You on behalf of everyone in The EKF for everything that Celim has done to our region and the whole community. Happy 70th Birthday to Celim and to everyone who contributed to this glorious journey.

Zaher Ghosn