They are 15. They are super-strong. They are suitable for and can be adapted to any patient. They are the wheelchairs that have been donated to the boys and girls followed by CELIM as part of the Disability project.

These wheelchairs are the result of a joint project of two organizations: Wheelchairs for Kids and BluSpring. The first is an Australian organization based in Perth, a group of volunteers who make and, subject to certain conditions, donate wheelchairs to projects involving disabled children in developing countries. BluSpring is instead an association of physiotherapists and volunteers working mainly in Zambia.

Thanks to these two associations CELIM has managed to get some wheelchairs for the disabled it supports in Zambia. “These are particularly strong wheelchairs – explains Tommaso Sartori, project manager – that can also be disassembled, so that they can be perfectly adapted to any child, at any growth stage. They are perfect for the not always optimal conditions of Zambian roads and infrastructures ».

For young kids, their families and their carers, moving on dirt roads, uneven paths, in their homes and in schools that have not been adapted to the needs of disabled students, is not always easy. “These chairs, however, have been designed and built with a sturdy structure – concludes Tommaso -. They can withstand the conditions of Zambian terrain and houses. Kids can be taken from one place to another without too much difficulty. This is of great help for us and, above all, for them ».