The Covid-19 pandemic has taken our country and Europe by surprise. Nobody could have envisaged that the virus would spread so much and that it would have such an impact on our society and our economy. Following a first few weeks of bewilderment and helplessness, civil society is now beginning to react.
Over the years, Italian medical and healthcare facilities have supported CELIM projects in the southern hemisphere. Their contribution has been essential for the activity of our NGO. In the face of the emergency dictated by the coronavirus epidemic, CELIM could not remain indifferent to the request for help from numerous front-line organisations fighting Covid-19 and has thus launched a fundraiser to support Una Mano alla Vita Onlus and La Casa del Sole, two organizations that, each in their own way, are fighting against the spread of the virus.

Una mano alla vita

Created in 1986, Una Mano alla Vita offers care and assistance, both at home and in hospice, to terminally-ill patients through the use of palliative care. The organisation carries out its activities in synergy with other actors involved in the health sector and, in particular with the North Milan socio-healthcare authority and Milan’s Niguarda Ca ‘Granda Hospital.
In November 2012, the hospice was opened in the Bassini hospital complex in Cinisello Balsamo as a residential facility for terminally ill patients who cannot or do not want to be cared for at home. The complex was one of the first hospitals in Italy to have been completely designated to Covid-19 patients. Patient access is now 10 times the normal rate, with patients arriving from both the area surrounding Milan as well as Bergamo and Brescia. Naturally the hospice isalso involved in this operation and, after doubling the beds for terminal coronavirus patients, it even envisages an increase from 10 to 30 beds.
Una Mano alla Vita Onlus needs to confirm the expiring contract of a nurse who will help colleagues in the home care service for the next few months. There is also need for materials such as masks and gowns.

La Casa del Sole

La Casa del Sole is a cooperative founded in 2004 to take care of the elderly and the disabled. Its activities focus on a 360-degree care of people, including their rights, their needs, their feelings: listening and understanding are fundamental professional skills.
The cooperative offers socio-welfare services tailored, primarily but not exclusively, to the needs of older people. In this regards, the co-operative can manage reception facilities, but can also offer a territorial nursing service.
At La Casa del Sole funds are needed for the purchase of protective devices for both health workers and all those currently involved in home care (carers, caregivers, family members).