Oil and beeswax, natural products typical of our Mediterranean culture, can, through age-old processes, be transformed into other products of our tradition. This has been experimented by Aurora Neloj, from Albania, who created Oriku Soap, an artisanal company that has been on the Albanian market for more than 5 years now with its own cosmetic products based on olive oil and beeswax. “I produce organic creams and handmade soaps based on olive oil,” she explains. “I use only natural materials from our countryside and mountains.

Some time ago she got in touch with Acap (Community Action for the Preservation of Protected Areas) that CELIM was carrying out in Albania. It was through the project that she was able to install a 3.5 kw PV system. “It has been very useful for me,” she notes, “Thanks to it, the cost of energy for my business has been reduced by 30 percent. I now spend less on product preparation, which also makes them more competitive in the market. Thanks to this support I was able to obtain the Made with Italy Green ethical label awarded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Tirana. Another piece that helped me launch my business and help my family.”