Eco-design charity: fund raising realized thanks to companies and artisans


Companies can adopt a project that they find to be particularly in line with their mission and their ethics and support it with a donation or in one of the other ways listed below. Alternatively we can create and implement together a new socially-useful project in Italy or abroad.

  • Latham&Watkins, legal firm
  • In 2014 the Milanese branch of the Latham&Watkins legal firm donated 5,000 Euros in aid of the School vegetable gardens' project for quality nutrition in Mozambique.
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Thanks to your company, Children of São Lourenço School got their meal also today

Donations to projects immediately turn into concrete support


Contributing to the organisation of information, awareness- and fund-raising events translates into great visibility for companies.

  • TAP Portugal, airline company
  • In 2015 TAP Portugal sponsored the event 'Mozambico in festa' realised as part of Expo.


Companies can donate equipment for office or education activities here in Italy or objects and food vouchers that we’ll be able to use for fund-raising purposes.

Companies can also donate any unclaimed prizes to CELIM, which can use them for its activities or for fund-raising events (depending on the type of product), in accordance with art. 10, paragraph 5 of Presidential Decree n. 430 of 26/10/2001.

  • Freitag, A4 Design, Livyng - Eco design, Alex Apertoli, La locomotiva 77, Rose Lightbites e Fondazione Mission Bambini
  • In 2015, the companies Freitag, A4 Design e Living - Eco design, gli artigiani Alex Apertoli, La locomotiva 77 and Rose Lightbites and Fondazione Mission Bambini donated some objects that were then offered to the public during the traditional Christmas exhibition-market for the purpose of raising funds for our projects in Italy and abroad.