2011 initiative aimed at Leroy Merlin customers


Increasing a business’ visibility, at the same time increasing hope for the needy is possible. How? By associating your brand to a good cause with high social and humanitarian profile: your reputation will benefit, and so will the life of many other people.
Company donations can consist of a percentage of the sale price of products or a fixed amount. This initiative can be linked to the choice of a specific project.
Enhancing the value of a company’s product or service by associating CELIM’s logo and message with the purpose of involving consumers and guiding them towards consumer awareness, in line with the theme of corporate social and environmental responsibility.
Companies can inform consumers of the initiative using special packaging, at points of sales or through joint and targeted information campaigns.

  • Leroy Merlin, mass distribution company
  • In 2011 Leroy Merlin made a donation to help plant trees as part of the re-forestation project in Zambia, to offset the CO2 emissions produced by customers to reach the company’s points of sales throughout the country over a whole day.


Companies use their contacts and communication and distribution channels for awareness-raising actions by acting as intermediary for CELIM towards their stakeholders

  • La Gardenia Beauty Spa, perfume shops
  • In 2015 some Limoni/La Gardenia shops and Banco di Garabombo in Milan hosted a gift-wrapping service manned by our volunteers, aimed at collecting funds for our projects in the southern hemisphere.


Companies can decide to include CELIM within fidelity programmes aimed at their customers, giving them the chance to spend the points collected in favour of our Association.