With Silvia, from CRAL of RCS Mediagroup


To improve corporate environment and to develop a strong sense of trust, pride and belonging towards one’s company, employees can be involved in:

  • motivational training
  • team-building activities through volunteering initiatives as part of education activities in schools or during local information campaigns or fund-raising events
  • in-house initiatives or fund collection to raise funds for a specific project. Companies can also do much to spread information among employees, collaborators and suppliers on the importance of donating their 5×1000 of IRPEF in favour of CELIM’s co-operation and education activities: by sending an information email, including a banner or an article within their company newsletter, attaching a flyer or an information letter to the CUDs.
  • In 2019, as part of the Free Energy initiative, Snam Foundation doubled the cash donation of one of Snam employees to one of our projects
  • free service supply by offering time and professional skills to CELIM, for example for the creation and implementation of communication campaigns
  • Martini6, communication agency
  • Martini6 donated their professional skills to the ‘Positivi nell’anima’ campaign, Gruppo Ferrovie Nord Milano met the relative expenses.
  • payroll-giving: employees voluntarily join a regular donation programme which involves a small amount of their wages being withheld and donated to one or more social causes, the amount corresponding to one or more hours of work.  Some companies also decide to do the same by making a donation to the Association corresponding to an amount agreed by its employees or a multiple of the same. This cumulative and quantifiable support allows us  to plan aid work at best, cutting on management commitments.
The Quasimodo Basket Milano 2015/2016 team

Quasimodo Basket know what it means to work as a team and chose to give visibility to CELIM. Help can have your personal touch